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Alaa Hegazi, Painter

Alaa Hegazi was born in Egypt and currently lives in Kuwait. His favourite subjects are topics that deeply and honestly express the human feelings. Such topics may be only portrait or a piece of textile, but it inspire some deeps image beyond the material to convey other worlds of expressions.Painting Style: My style is Expressionistic and summarizing; I don't like going into details, but rather inspiring it. I paint in a studio-like room.

Colours on Palette: The same range of colours usually used by all the artists everytime, but with a stronger steess on yellow (for its intensive brightness).Did You Go to Art School: Yes, I hold a Bachelor of Fine Arts from Halwan College, Cairo, Egypt, 1986.One Thing You Wish You'd Learned When You First Started: To study the paintings of Caravaggio and Matisse in detail you really need to see the originals.Which artist(s) do you most admire: Rembrandt, Matisse and Picasso (and every good artist).First Painting Sold: A sketch for a landscape of the Nile River. My artist has been sold to collectors in Egypt, Holland, Germany, and Kuwait.

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