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Behind the scenes with Kathy & Stella in the West End

Wed, 05 Jun 2024 05:28:02 GMT

BBC London meet the team behind the murder-mystery musical comedy 'Kathy & Stella Solve A Murder!'

Michael Mosley: How the presenter transformed people's lives

Mon, 10 Jun 2024 03:18:46 GMT

How a BBC presenter's gonzo science experiments turned him into a guru of better health.

Holly Valance: From Aussie pop star to Trump cheerleader

Wed, 12 Jun 2024 22:45:38 GMT

Valance got her break as a teenage Aussie soap star. Now she's fronting fundraising efforts for the Trump campaign.

Pope jokes around as he hosts famous comedians

Fri, 14 Jun 2024 22:56:03 GMT

Among the US celebrities were Whoopi Goldberg, Stephen Colbert, Chris Rock and Jimmy Fallon.

Watch: Michael Mosley's last interview

Fri, 14 Jun 2024 10:09:47 GMT

Watch: A clip from Michael Mosley's last recording at the Hay Festival in May

Taylor Swift 'makes 55,000 feel they're the only one there'

Fri, 14 Jun 2024 06:03:04 GMT

Taylor Swift treats fans in Liverpool to hit after hit from her long and varied glittering career.

Five ways Michael Mosley made us healthier

Mon, 10 Jun 2024 23:09:01 GMT

Michael Mosley’s simple and accessible health hacks made him a household name. Remember these?

Russell Brand concerns 'not adequately addressed'

Fri, 14 Jun 2024 12:31:56 GMT

A TV company investigated whether any complaints were made about his time on Big Brother spin-offs.

New show from The Grand Tour trio 'unlikely'

Fri, 14 Jun 2024 10:58:19 GMT

James May says he won't team up with Jeremy Clarkson and Richard Hammond when the Amazon series ends.

'A charismatic guru of good health': A look back at Dr Mosley's career

Sun, 09 Jun 2024 12:38:07 GMT

Michael Mosley's family confirms his body has been found beside Agia Marina beach on the Greek island of Symi.

If it wasn't for Nirvana we'd be a forgotten band

Fri, 14 Jun 2024 05:42:30 GMT

The Vaselines split in 1989 but a few years later were being championed by one of the world's biggest bands.

Silent Men film asks why so many still struggle to open up

Fri, 14 Jun 2024 01:30:31 GMT

Scottish filmmaker Duncan Cowles set out to ask why men tend to bottle up their emotions.

Naomi Klein wins first Women’s Prize for Non-Fiction

Thu, 13 Jun 2024 18:37:41 GMT

Fiction prize is won by US author VV Ganeshananthan for family drama Brotherless Night.

House of the Dragon season two: Dragons, grief and family feuds

Wed, 12 Jun 2024 01:06:11 GMT

The House of the Dragon cast and crew speak to BBC News ahead of the release of the second season.

Inside Out 2 gives film critics mixed emotions

Thu, 13 Jun 2024 11:10:12 GMT

The sequel brings some reviewers joy, but others feel disappointment with Pixar's latest release.

Clive Myrie shares emotional toll of broadcasting

Sat, 15 Jun 2024 23:54:52 GMT

The TV anchor shares the impact of reporting from war zones and personal toll of being a prominent public figure.

Naked, alone and living on dog food – all for a TV show that gripped a nation

Sat, 15 Jun 2024 00:01:50 GMT

A new documentary revisits the "sadistic" 1990s reality show which preceded Big Brother.

Bridgerton star on being the show's 'working class hero'

Wed, 12 Jun 2024 00:53:14 GMT

Season three of the Netflix show has thrust the characters of Will and Alice Mondrich into the limelight.

Museum removes Monet and Van Gogh paintings over Nazi looting fears

Sat, 15 Jun 2024 08:39:02 GMT

One of Switzerland's leading museums took the decision after new guidelines were introduced on stolen art.

Richard III film had defamatory meaning, judge rules

Fri, 14 Jun 2024 15:14:31 GMT

A judge says The Lost King portrayed university official Richard Taylor as "smug" and "patronising"

How the Klitschkos used fame to aid Ukraine's war effort

Thu, 13 Jun 2024 07:29:38 GMT

A new documentary follows Vitali Klitschko as he fights to save Ukraine following Russia's invasion.

REM perform for the first time since 2007

Fri, 14 Jun 2024 08:43:10 GMT

The band reunite to play of Losing My Religion as they are inducted to the Songwriters Hall Of Fame.

Barclays suspends festival funding after protests

Fri, 14 Jun 2024 15:37:14 GMT

There had been protests over the bank's links to Download, Latitude and the Isle of Wight festivals.

Watch: Coldplay pay tribute to Luton in new song

Sun, 26 May 2024 21:31:15 GMT

Chris Martin's Coldplay shared a new song in tribute to Luton where the band were playing.

Boy grapples with tradition in Spanish bullfighting town

Sun, 16 Jun 2024 00:54:18 GMT

A new film follows a boy as he tries to square a controversial practice with his family's hopes for him.

First trailer for third Paddington film revealed

Wed, 12 Jun 2024 14:26:31 GMT

The third film hits cinemas this November - with Olivia Colman joining the cast.

Historic writer's desk could be 'knackered' old fake

Sun, 16 Jun 2024 00:38:47 GMT

Is this piece of furniture really a literary relic, or part of a Victorian money-making hustle?

Tiny Habits: How friendship propelled three students to the cusp of stardom

Sun, 09 Jun 2024 00:09:55 GMT

Championed by Elton John, Tiny Habits have taken their dorm room harmonies to a huge new audience.

Can indie games inspire a creative boom from Indian developers?

Fri, 14 Jun 2024 00:51:03 GMT

India's games industry is dominated by mobile sports titles, but a growing movement is pushing creativity.

Avicii’s dad: 'I miss him every minute, but I get angry at him for leaving'

Sun, 16 Jun 2024 00:26:34 GMT

The DJ's father Klas on his son's legacy and family's mission to raise mental health awareness.

Waitress bags gig with Stevie Nicks on Instagram

Fri, 14 Jun 2024 10:40:52 GMT

Catty says she secured her slot for Stevie Nicks' concert by sending an "embarrassing" voice note.

Ten-year-old Taylor Swift fan delighted to be given star's hat

Mon, 10 Jun 2024 18:41:51 GMT

Ten-year-old Pippa Bartholomew's dream came true when she was chosen by Taylor Swift to be the lucky recipient of her hat.

Why a hit show is calling it quits after two series

Sat, 15 Jun 2024 00:55:38 GMT

Some consider award-winning animation Arcane the best videogame adaption ever - so why is it ending?

Caribbean writer takes Walter Scott fiction prize

Thu, 13 Jun 2024 17:51:53 GMT

Kevin Jared Hosein picks up the prestigious award at the Borders Book Festival in Melrose.

Swifties give their verdict on first UK Eras show

Sat, 08 Jun 2024 12:58:11 GMT

Taylor Swift fans give their reaction to the first UK Eras Tour show in Edinburgh

Valance and Wintour host rival Trump-Biden London events

Thu, 13 Jun 2024 09:54:32 GMT

Holly Valance hosted a pro-Trump event, while Anna Wintour held a pro-Biden one.

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