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History of Contemporary Arts
Since World War Two, art movements have included Abstract Expressionism, Pop Art, Post-modernism, Minimalism and Feminist art. Characterized by no real common ground, contemporary art offers a wide range of styles.
Trends in contemporary art
Perhaps the most defining aspect of contemporary art is its indefinability. Prior to the late 1960s, most artwork could be categorized fairly easily into one particular medium or a specific school. Even through the 1970s and 80s, one can see certain trends such as Conceptual Art, Performance Art, Feminist Art, Pop Art, Graffiti Art.

Contemporary Art Museums
The first contemporary art center in the United States, P.S.1 Contemporary Art Center was founded in 1971 by Alanna Reiss. Located in Long Island City, New York in the borough of Queens just across the East River from Manhattan, P.S.1 offers innovative contemporary artwork across and crossing a range of media. In 2004, the art center joined forces with the Museum of Modern Art (MoMA).

Contemporary Art Prizes

A few important competitions, awards and prizes in contemporary art are

  • Emerging Artist Award awarded by The Aldrich Contemporary Art Museum
  • Hugo Boss Prize awarded by the Guggenheim Museum
  • Turner Prize for British artists

Contemporary Arts Museums

Chicago Contemporary Arts Museum (MCA)
One of the nation's largest facilities devoted to the art of our time, the Museum of Contemporary Art (MCA) offers exhibitions of the most thought-provoking art created since 1945. The MCA documents contemporary visual culture through painting, sculpture, photography, video and film, and performance. Located in the heart of downtown Chicago, the MCA boasts a gift store, bookstore, restaurant, 300-seat theater, and a terraced sculpture garden with a great view of Lake Michigan.

Contemporary Arts Museum Houston
The Contemporary Arts Museum Houston is a non-collecting institution dedicated to presenting the best and most exciting international, national and regional art of the last 40 years. Founded in 1948, the Museum prides itself on presenting new art and documenting its role in modern life through exhibitions, lectures, original publications and a variety of educational programs and events.

The Museum of Contemporary Arts
The Museum of Contemporary Art was established to fulfil the museum aspect of the visionary bequest of Australian expatriate artist John Power (1881-1943), who left his personal fortune to the University of Sydney to inform and educate Australians in the contemporary visual arts. The MCA was officially opened in November 1991.

The Contemporary Arts Center
For more than 65 years, the CAC has been a forum for progressive art and ideas serving the city of Cincinnati and the region. Founded in 1939 as the Modern Art Society by three visionary local women, the CAC was one of the first institutions in the United States dedicated to exhibiting contemporary art.

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