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Are You an Organized Drummer - When preparedness and opportunity meet, success occurs.

Classic Rock Performers Who Have Had A Lasting Influence On Music - Classic rock is a fundamental part of American history.

The Unusual th Century Instrument The Archlute - Developed sometime during the late 16th century and the beginning of the 17th century, the archlute is a stringed instrument that was played by plucking the strings.

MIRACLE ON th STREET Excerpt of An Italian Immigrant soon to be published - Ever wonder about the little old lady behind the counter at the corner drugstore? Where did she come from? What kind of life did she lead? Lisa Jey Davis takes you on one such adventure, in the person of Nereide Francis Padalino ? her mother ? an Italian immigrant.

Steps To a Perfect Date - Too many guys are stuck in the mindset of "flowers and candy.

Write the first letter to your future bride - If you want to write a first letter to a lady you should make it almost perfect.

Some Safety Tips When Online Dating - Online dating has turned into a tremendous opportunity for people to meet other people from all around the world.

What To Do On A Date - Sometimes when you join an online dating site it has been a while since you've been on a date.

Whats Next After Earning Your Degree - Well, you are closing in on that degree you've been working towards for the past several months.

Books For Homeschoolers - An investigation into the value of books for homeschooling.

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