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Discounts for Military and Family in Virginia

Along the Chesapeake coast of Virginia, gunmetal gray is as familiar a color as the clear blue sky and calm ocean blues and greens that attract visitors to the Tidewater area each year. Driving along I-64 to Virginia Beach, or down route 13 from Maryland, it is not uncommon to see large ships creeping slowly across the Bay. Visitors get a grand view of Naval Station Norfolk before the Hampton Roads Bridge-Tunnel, and Oceanfront Virginia Beach visitors can see the lighthouse of Fort Story on the way to a day of fun.

For visiting and residing military, the Hampton Roads area offers numerous other opportunities aside from fun in the sun. While a popular destination for living and enjoying vacations, the seven cities also comprise one of the more costly areas in Virginia to live. People attached to Naval Station Norfolk, NAS Oceana, and other military insitutions in Hampton Roads may find that monthly budgets can be rather tight. Once the bills are paid, is there anything left for fun? It's possible, if one knows where to go to take advantage of military discounts. Many local and regional businesses are very military friendly when it comes to offering discounts on goods and services. It is a small token of appreciation for the people who serve and protect us on a daily basis, but during months when there's a financial pinch, a good discount can help make the weekend a bit happier for the whole family.

Entertainment In the mood for a good laugh? Sweet Caroline's Comedy Club of Virginia Beach offers discounts to military personnel. Also, be sure to check area concert venues like the Virginia Beach Amphitheatre and the Constant Center. On occasion, military discounts are available for big name shows. Connectivity Need a place to surf the Internet, play games, and hang out with other gamers? Try the WebCity Cybercafe of Virginia Beach, where all military get a 10% discount on rentals and food. Health and Beauty Sometimes after a long day of work, you just need to relax and be pampered.

In Norfolk, L'Etoile Nail & Day Spa offers special prices on services for the military, while at Ambiance Day Spa in Virginia Beach every Friday is Military Appreciation Day with 10% all services. History Education can be fun, too! Take the family to Colonial Williamsburg and enjoy a military discount on admission to the various ticketed exhibits. While you're in the area, Busch Gardens is known to offers discounts on admission to military.

Contact the park to confirm. From comedy to history, roller coasters to hair rollers, discounts on services and entertainment can be had for military personnel if one knows where to look.

Kathryn Lively writes for The Computer Connection, computer financing for the military.

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