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First Time Handgun For a Woman

Many women prefer to own a gun. What advice people have for a first time handgun for a woman, who is not a big fan of revolvers, so something in the semi-automatic category? Be aware that some of the wannabe swat-types and other video game playing types will tell you to buy some artillery piece. Disregard them and do a little homework.

The .22LR cal. is the way to go for a first gun. When and if woman gets comfortable with it and can hit the target, then she could move up to a bigger caliber. Try searching for Smith & Wesson (or get a catalog at a local gun shop). Go to a local shooting range and rent or borrow a couple of different ones to get used to.

The one near me let's you borrow their pistol if you buy a bag of their ammo. Start with .22 cal, and then if the woman can handle it OK, try the .38 Spcl.

Ask one of the range guys to instruct you. Try the revolver; it is still the most goof-proof weapon. No decocking lever, safeties, no lost-the-magazine (when you need it the most), no "rack the slide" at 0300 when her palms are sweaty, and it doesn't need to be kept as clean as a "self loader".

Avoid off-brand and chippo priced guns. Remember the saying: You get what you pay for. The suggestion is to stick with S&W, Colt or Ruger.

If you really need a handgun, you want one that goes bang when you pull the trigger. I think the Lady Smiths are the same as the other "J" frames, with a bit of extra engraving and for a bit more money, of course. Rossi makes good firearms too, which will cost less the S&Ws, Rugers, Colts, etc. Ruger Standard .

22 auto is easy to learn on, next to no recoil, great accuracy, used from plinking to small game hunting, can be used in a pinch for defense.which beats a phone call not made to 911. If she is gun savvy at all, then a 1911A1. Recoil is not excessive (my daughter regularly shoots mine, as do the many thousands of female IPSC competitors). Obviously, quite good for defense targets, small game hunting, plinking, and competition. However, unless her hands are on the large side, a 1911A1 style handgun may be a bit big.

Smith and Wesson .22 auto mag for the same reasons S&B noted but with more "knock down" power for self defense. Load it with hollow points and it is the best home defense weapon for more petite people. The ammo is very cheap so it allows for a lot of range time. Look at the Taurus Model 85s. It is a very good pistol at about half the price of an S&W.

You will be able to put your eyes and hands on a lot of different makes, models, calibers, and sizes. You'll be able to eliminate some of them from consideration pretty quick.

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