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Jason Chase, Pop Artist

Jason Chase resides in Boston, MA. He focuses on images of Americana and Pop -- "I think it comes from being raised by a television" -- and paints any image that interests him, a thought, a subject. A lot of the times it's "something I see that I think most people take for granted".

Painting Style: Pop most of the time.

Colours on Palette: I use a wide palette, but I try to keep the vibrancy of the colors high; I hate mud.

What Does Your Studio Look Like: I've my own studio, which is a little messy, but everything in it is for the purpose of painting, there are no distractions.

Did You Go to Art School: Yes, I've a Masters degree from Boston University.

One Thing You Wish You'd Learned When You First Started: It's alright to be patient and take my time to finish a painting.

Which artist(s) do you most admire: James Rosenquist and Chuck Close; I'm definitely most influenced by Andy Warhol.

First Painting Sold: A painting of a light bulb over a pack of shotgun shell cases.

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