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Lynda Roberts, Abstract Artist

Lynda Roberts is based in Manchester, UK. She tries not to restrict herself to subject matter -- she prefers 'matter' literally! Before her art became abstract, she was mainly a figurative artist.�"To me it seems a natural progression to now attempt to go beyond the physical to the metaphysical."Favourite Medium: My favorite medium tends to be whatever I am using at the moment. I like to mix medium haphazardly, so it is important that I keep a note of these 'recipes'.  For example, I might mix acrylic paint with powered filler or tile grout to make a thick impasto. Varnish mixed with liquid with latex and acrylic has the advantage of being able to peel or rub back the surface, exposing what ever is underneath. My approach to medium is definitely alchemical.What Does Your Studio Look Like: I paint in my cellar studio, which started out very neat and orderly, but now resembles Francis Bacon's Reece Mews studio (now in Dublin Ireland). I have spotlights which I use occasionally, but just like Bacon the bare lightbulb is usually my source of light. The lack of natural light probably contributes to my bold use of colour! In the summer I like to paint outside.

How Do You Approach a Painting: I approach a painting gesturally, wading straight in with each stroke. Each stroke I make is a statement, a movement, an extension of a feeling or an emotion and I therefore try to imbue the painting with honesty. The relationship with colour is important to me, I find myself participating as a kind of 'matchmaker' -- sometimes with unlikely results.Colours on Palette: Any colour can be on my palette at any time. I like to experiment with my colour wheel from time to time, I like the dichotomy of the automical and control. Agressive colours paired with cool. Some of my work involves the use of split compliments, (choosing one colour and colour at either side)' diads, triads and a favoyrite at the moment -- Tetrads- - a contrast of four or more colours. Just experimentation really, intuitive recognition.Did You Go to Art School: I studied as a mature student at Bolton Institute UK, completing two years Foundation before going on to do my Visual Arts Hons degree. When I joined Foundation I felt a bit of a fraud, it was full of young people, who all seemed much more talented than me. But I applied myself, read, painted, lived breathed and pushed myself, finding that not only could I hold my own, I was going into areas I hadn't even thought about before and above all -- by experimenting, I was progressing my work. One Thing You Wish You'd Learned When You First Started: Does anyone really 'know' anything? While it is true that you can learn things, all art is to a degree subjective, so therefore I would probably cite 'honesty', honesty to your subject matter, honesty in the way you approach this and above all honesty to yourself. I believe if you approach and apply yourself with honestly, it becomes less important to you if your work is not accepted, understood or liked (although this is always an added bonus!). Which Artists Do You Most Admire or Have Been Most Influential: Loads! For colour and expression: the Fauvists, German Expressionists, especially Kokoschka. For figurative form: Egon Schiele, Lucien Freud, Francis Bacon, Tamara De Lempicka, Pablo Picasso, Henri Mattise, Max Beckmann. Other influences include The Surrealists (especially Max Ernst, Jean Arp, Kandinsky). American artist include Andy Warhol, George Luks, Arthur Dove, Georgia O' Keefe, Willem De Kooning (Dutch really). Contemporary artists include Marlene Dumas, Frank Auerbach, Patrick Caulfield.First Painting Sold: The first painting I sold was a small study of Tamara De Lempicka's 'Seated Nude 1925' , using acrylics. It was a commision from a friend, sold for 20 pounds, I still see it from time to time -- and its wearing well for a 10 year old!

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